About Us

BlueBoxx Studio is an Web Designing & Animation studio established in 2014 and Located in sayajigunj,vadodara ,Gujarat. BlueBoxx Studio is a computer animation studio with the technical, creative and production talent ready to create the next generation of animated effects and characters for feature films, commercials, merchandise and other related products.

Over the past few years we aimed to put the best efforts ever to produce high quality work to our clients. BlueBoxx Studio main products are 3D animation, 2D animation, Animation for specific purposes, video editing, Visual Effects, web designing and games programming. Moreover, we have established our own production house. BlueBoxx Studio’s creative team is led by Mr. Ankush Dubey a skilled director, animator, game developer and visual effects maker. Under the guidance of Mr. Ankush Dubey, BlueBoxx has built a creative team that includes highly skilled modelers,designers and animators who are responsible for creating, writing and animating all produced films. Our technical team is equally passionate and motivated, with their quest for excellence evidenced by their never-ending task of research, development and innovation. We are also associated with AICE(All India computer education)

Using our creativity and ideological potential, we offer our clients advertising solutions that are not only visually beautiful but also increase the sales. of course, before taking on any business, we carefully study the client, the product and the market, to provide a stable basis for our ideas. Founded in 2014 & located in sayajigunj vadodara, gujarat with a definite vision to provide top notch creative, artistic designs and multimedia solutions.

About The Founder

By Ankush Dubey | 2 years ago

BlueBoxx was founded by Ankush Dubey is an enthusiastic Digital artist with a Bachelor Degree of animation and game development and with wide experience in designing and animation and game developing field .

Through his career he always tries to add a value to what he excutes either on the commercial side presented in Blueboxx D&A studio or through his frequently art exhibitions.

BlueBoxx Team

Behind the scenes, there is a warmed up, enthusiastic & eager team. Our Team is up and ready to represent you in a way that delightfully announces your identity either through internet presence or through any media that you adopt.

We go completely outside the typical moulds and mingle your required expertise with passionate art. The outcome clearly stands out to tell about your enterprise values and commitment in a balanced context